Why is ITV doing this?

The London Television Centre (LTVC) is more than 45 years old, and it’s starting to show its age. It no longer gives us the kind of space and facilities that we need. The planned redevelopment provides the opportunity to bring colleagues who are spread across London, together under one roof for the first time. We’ve spent nearly four years reviewing other potential sites for a new London home, but have decided that we enjoy and are proud of being part of the South Bank’s cultural quarter and are prepared to commit significant investment to secure our long-term future here.

What are the benefits of ITV’s redevelopment?

Benefits include:

What will happen to ITV while you rebuild?

We will be moving to interim offices at Waterhouse Square in Holborn and taking additional space at our existing offices in Gray’s Inn Road. ITV Studios Daytime will relocate to interim studio facilities and production offices in London. The timescales for redevelopment of our HQ are as follows:

  • Submit a planning application in summer 2017.
  • Commence demolition by summer 2018.
  • Construction begins in 2019.
  • Building complete in 2020.
  • Internal fit out complete in 2022.
  • Complete buildings ready for occupation in 2022/23.

Scheme design

Exactly how tall will the development be?

It is proposed that the office HQ will vary in height, ranging from ground plus 5 storeys to ground plus 12 storeys (plus roof top plant). The residential building is proposed to be taller and of a more elegant design than the existing 90m office building, rising to circa 127m.

Will any trees be impacted by ITV’s proposals?

There is one tree on the Queen Elizabeth walk that we would like to consider for pollarding or removal. Similarly two trees on Upper Ground may need to be reviewed as part of our construction management plan. However, our landscaping proposals include the replacement of these trees together with more extensive planting.

Residential building

Can you outline the anticipated visual impact of the residential building?

The proposals have been the subject of detailed discussion with Lambeth Council, Historic England and other statutory consultees. The proposals consider the heritage and context of the South Bank, including:

We looked very carefully at whether we could realistically convert the existing tower but it was concluded that:

Will any affordable housing be provided as part of the mix?

The level and mix of provision of affordable housing within the proposals is still under discussion with Lambeth Council Planning Officers and will be decided in accordance with the scheme’s viability report.


Will the range of jobs remain the same in the new development and how many employees will this bring to the South Bank?

We anticipate circa 3,000 colleagues on site after the development is complete, including the original 1,500, plus the 900 across the rest of London, together with an increased number of freelancers and service providers who support ITV. The total number includes sales and technology jobs relocating from our Camden offices.


What are the current parking and servicing arrangements at LTVC and how will these be changed/improved?

ITV currently has more than 100 underground parking spaces for staff and also has to accommodate heavy lorry deliveries containing sets for our large entertainment studios. There will be no requirement to accommodate heavy lorry deliveries for this purpose in the new HQ building because large entertainment studios will not form part of the proposed development.

The new proposals envisage around 20 car parking spaces for ITV usage and circa 400 cycle bays. There will be an deliveries at a significantly reduced rate from the current arrangement. There are some 30 car parking spaces for the proposed residential building. In total, therefore, the number of car parking spaces will roughly be halved from that which currently exist.

Overall, the new site access plan will deliver:

How will you manage the square?

ITV will manage the square, recognising the concerns of our nearby residential neighbours for potential noise disruption. The hours and nature of use will be subject to further discussions and form part of the final planning application. Our proposals also include a 24-hour manned security centre located next to the square, which will ensure any conditions are routinely enforced.


How will you mitigate the impacts of demolition and construction on the site neighbours?

Our site will sign up to the Considerate Constructors Scheme, a national initiative set up by the construction industry to minimise and manage any disruption caused by demolition/construction.

During demolition and construction, the site will be surrounded with a secure hoarding to mitigate the impact of the noise and dust produced. Vehicle movements along the South Bank during the demolition and construction phase will be subject to the submission of a full construction traffic management plan to Lambeth Council. A draft of this will be submitted for approval as part of our planning application.

A neighbourhood construction liaison group will also be set up so that our neighbours can maintain regular contact with ITV and future site contractors.


How will you keep the local community involved in the development?

Following our public exhibition on Friday June 9 and Saturday June 10, we are collating the feedback from the local community on our plans, which we will respond to ahead of submission for planning. We will continue with our community involvement and engagement throughout the planning process and beyond.

We will also continue to meet with local stakeholder and community groups ahead of submitting our planning application.